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Here Be Dragons

Maps and legends

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Maps and mapping, old and new
An open community for everyone interested in maps. Anything related to cartography, no matter how tangential, is on topic.

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a to z, aerial photography, altitude, atlases, benchmarks, blaeu, borders, boundaries, cartobibliography, cartograms, cartography, celestial maps, charles close, charts, choropleths, christopher saxton, circumnavigation, city planning, coastlines, compass points, constellations, contours, counties, data representation, datums, debatable lands, declination, degree confluence project, demarcation, directions, domesday book, eastings, elevations, enclosure, equator, exploration, fjords, footpaths, four color theorem, fractal geometry, gall-peters projection, geocaching, geodesy, geography, gerrymandering, gis, globes, glonass, gps, graticules, great circles, greenwich meridian, hachures, harry beck, here be dragons, hydrography, imaginary worlds, international date line, islands, isolines, isthmuses, john speed, landmarks, latitude, lewis and clark, loci, longitude, loxodromes, magnetic north, map collecting, map reading, mappa mundi, mapping, maps, martin waldseemüller, mercator, metes and bounds, metric, more worlds to conquer, national geographic, national grid, nautical miles, navigation, neatlines, northings, ordnance survey, orienteering, photogrammetry, placenames, planimetry, planispheres, plans, portolans, psychogeography, rand mcnally, random walks, rectification, relief, remote sensing, rhumb lines, right ascension, sextants, shires, sounding, stanfords, star charts, states, street plans, surveying, terrain, the earth from space, theodolites, tithe maps, topography, toponymy, trap streets, travel, treasure, triangulation, tumuli, ultima thule, uncharted territory, x marks the spot, you are here